• Michelle Wium

Don't be left in the DARK during COVID19 pandemic

As South Africans, we have learnt to deal with everyday disruptions. Recently, the COVID19 is providing just another hurdle for us to jump over

With more companies requesting that staff who can work remotely, do so. This initially seems like a "bonus holiday". We do come to realize that being able to work from home, will not only mean we can "self-isolate" and keep ourselves and families save from the spreading COVID19 but that, we are more reliant on Eskom than ever.

Load-shedding is now the "norm" and we have simply "learnt to deal" with it. But, what happens now? When we are not only "forced"- I say this lightly - to work at home but, our power and ability to actually work is disrupted?

Although load-shedding schedules have been limited to 4 hours, what does that mean when there is work to be done and clients to contact? As South African's are accustomed to quick-response in business, we can easily be left behind. With the ever-looming economic downfall, who can actually afford to be at the back?

Renewable or back-up power solutions are becoming a necessity for South Africans. Businesses and staff need to maintain critical customer interactions, duties and business activities, during load-shedding or not.

We need to be able to continue performing at our jobs, where-ever we may end up in the next coming months, or truly find ourselves at the back of the line.



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